1. Introduction
  • M&A Catering Services is a Limited company by Shares, incorporated under the Companies 2444/2006. M&A Catering is wholly owned by Native Kurdish and managed by Competent and by Multi talented Professionals.
  • M&A is a Kurdistan's leader in Catering, Integrated Facilities Management, Remote Supply Chain Management and other remote strategic solutions. We provide a complete camp and garrison solutions in rural or remote locations with specialization in life support services and construction. Our main focus sectors are oil & gas, government organizations, business & industry, education, remote military garrisons and construction.
  • Our local extensive network backed by our international strategic support partners makes M&A the most competitive local service provider of choice with a Global reach. It is the Expertise, Safety, Efficiency, Innovation, Relationship and creative customer solutions that has supported our rapid, consistent and steady growth over the years.
  • For over 8years the company has strived and successfully achieved a tremendous growth in revenue and size. Currently M&A has got a capacity for catering up to 15,00 people in one seating and currently provides over 8500 meals per day, professionally entrusted in offering Catering Solutions, Managing Facilities and Camps with Restaurants, Bars, Laundry, House Keeping, Supermarkets, Logistics handling and Waste Management services . Our expertise is unrivaled in supporting highly reputable institutions, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Government and Services .
  • Our Management Systems and Processes are in Compliance to ISO: 22000 protocols and We are working on to achieved ISO 22000/HACCP Certified Company. We are a certified OSHA company, IOSH manage safely.
  • M&A Catering Is registered with KRG Ministeryof Resource.
2. Capacity and Experience
2.1 M&A Staffing
  • M&A has unrivaled Hospitality Experience, a pool of over 230 uniformed, competent, cheerful and hard working staff. Fully trained in service and Food Hygiene, professionally handling all details to ensure that food and beverages are provided in a quality, worry free manner and work places and events are a lasting memorable experience.
  • We provide health card through Governmental hospital to all Staff for ensuring about their good welling and hygiene.
  • Due to the nature of our business we constantly seek to recruit not only suitable experienced staff but we appropriately train or engage qualified staff with ability to provide hard work with professionalism. Our fully fledged infrastructures that complements our Model and Investments allows us to deploy our staff and equipment at a very short notice any site regardless of how far afield or how big or sensitive it gets. Statoil will benefit from our readily available trained staff.
2.2 M&A’s Senior management team
  • Our Senior Management Team is trained to Higher and Intermediate Levels, aiming to reconstruct and then surpass our client's highest expectations.
  • Most of them have Safety training and certification holder to provide excellent training to employees to ensure job done under our HSE plan.
  • Managers have both OSHA 30 hrs and IOSH manage safely certification.
  • M&A hired a registered physician for better food quality and hygiene in the work.
  • Regularly audit and inspection by our professional team including the physician and HSE officer in the work.
  • Mr. Ahmed Shareef Braim (CEO)
  • Dr. Sanea AbabakrAhmed: Catering Director, M.B.Ch.B nutritionist Practitioner, OSHA 30 HRS, IOSH Manage safely, +9647507083882
  • Murad Aziz (HSE manager)
2.3 Environment, Health and Safety (HSE)
  • We have always maintained a strict health and safety policy as part of our business conduct. Our Kitchen Management is HACCP based, staff maintains full compliance with hygiene, health and safety and OSHA regulations. As we continue to provide an average of 8500 meals per day, M&A has ever had one reported incident of food-born illness. Some of our Food Production units are certified and closely monitored by our professional team.
  • In addition to compliance with Health Authorities guidelines we conduct risk assessments to review all of our food handling, equipment, storage and preservation procedures. We further conduct periodic medical checkups for all our service staff; we disinfect and sanitize our raw food, kitchen and storage on corroboration with our customers and auditors.
  • M&A Group Ltd Board of Directors, Management and staff believe in sustainable and safe environment. We recognize and support activities which preserve our natural and creative environment. It has been our good practice to observe the land laws and environmental policies stipulated by our clients especially in all our contract area.
  • We have never had any fatal accidents at place of work or any related from either our own or our client’s premises. Thanks to our Quarterly International Safety Audits that are carried through all our critical contracts, they make us grow safer and assures our clients.
  • M&A Group provide observation card for any safety issue.
  • To achieve complete internal and external customer satisfaction and to conform to mutually agreed requirements the first time, every time, while protecting the well being of all personnel, assets and the environment.
  • This objective is achieved through a commitment to understanding and applying defined business, complying with established standards and implementing continual improvements. Paramount attention will be given to achieving error free processes, products and services and maintaining a safe environment.
  • We empower each employee to take the appropriate action to ensure compliance with this policy and objective.
2.4 Healthy Eating Options
  • M&A advocates healthy eating by ensuring a balanced, variety and moderation in our menus. We like to ensure that the client is not getting too many calories or too much of any one nutrient. We will strive to ensure these key tenets to healthy eating are adhered to in our projects while still making good nutritious food.
  • We shall use big TV screens in the Canteen to advocate Health Eating while displaying our Menus and Important Safety Tips.
  • To achieve our healthy eating plan objectives to clients, M&A has introduced
    ( The below Color Food Indicator on our Serving Lines for your officer mess. )
  • Likely to contain dishes with a HIGHER % of saturated fats due to the ingredients used.
  • Hot Oil is used as the primary cooking method.
  • Contains high added salt.
  • Likely to contain dishes with a LOW % of saturated fats due to the ingredients used.
  • Cooking methods include: minimum use of oil.
  • Contains minimum added salt.
  • Likely to contain dishes with NO saturated fats due to the ingredients used.
  • Cooking methods include: NO use of oil. eg. Steaming, Poaching and Boiling in Water.
  • Contains ZERO salt.
Food Pyramid
Beef, Lamb, Duck, Processed meets, Bacon, Dairy Products. Cooking methods include: deep fat frying, shallow frying.
food that have been dry fried, dry roasted, stewed, braising. Chicken without skin, pork, ostrich, fish, low fat dairy products.
Boiled potatos, steamed vegetables, sterilized row fruit, salads with no oil dressings, cereals, pulses, steamed fish.

3. Projects
3.1 Modern Technology and Appropriate Equipment
  • M&A will Renovate and remodel the kitchen to meet HACCP standards by design and in Operations by Fitting in right and top quality equipment, which will include: by Fitting in right and top quality equipment.
  • M&A has 3 modern mobile containerized world class Kitchen facilities, with capacity to cater for 500 meals, 1500 meals and 2500 meals respectively in one seating. The kitchen facilities can be lifted and relocated to any other location on a 40ft trucks The kitchen facilities can be lifted and relocated to any other location on a 40ft trucks 3. The modular kitchen facility just request a plug in power and water supply. The modular kitchen facility just request a plug in power and water supply. We have two that use electricity for cooking and one that uses gas. 4. We have two that
3.2 Housekeeping industry
  • M&A has 7 years experience on the housekeeping industry, currently cleaning over 3.7 million Square meters per month of accommodation and office facilities across the Kurdistan.
  • We also specialize in Waste Management, with specialized equipment and trained staff.
  • Our Repairs and Maintenance Team are well trained to ensure that our clients facilities efficiently and optimally works with a keen focus on cost efficiency and Job Safety Analysis.
  • We maintain right infrastructure and stocks for all required consumables with a 24hrs eagles eye approach.
3.3 Laundry Facilities
  • M&A has a vast specialized experience in operating commercial laundry facilities in any business environment. Our expertise in the laundry processes, chemicals and efficiencies has surpassed the local industry standards.
  • M&A currently process over 1 tons of assorted linen for our Oil and Gas clients on monthly basis.
  • Our Main Strengths on this business are mostly on:
    • Project Management -that meets specific needs.
    • Laundry Equipment sourcing and Installation.
    • Laundry Facilities conceptual Designs and Layouts.
    • Laundry Facilities Retrofitting.
3.4 Forms for inspections
M&A provide weekly inspection form for maintain the hygiene and safety.
4. Our Clients
  • NorbestLimited; Contract date: 17 August 2008
  • MertyEnergy; Contract date: 23 Feb 2010
  • MertyEnergy; Contract date: 27 July 2010
5. General Office & Housing GOH.3 (Office/Housing Life Support Services).
6. Life Support & Maintenance LS.1 (Field Site Life Support Services).
7. Integrated Life Support Services (Catering).
8. Office/Housing Catering Supply and Services.
9. Camp Maintenance Services.