M&A Group
Our Services
  • Petroleum Oil Refinery Installation
  • Oil Trading and Marketing
  • Petroleum Oil Pipeline Construction
  • Design and Construction of Oil Storage Tanks
  • Supplying Oil Products
  • Providing Heavy Machines and Equipment
  • Well Drilling Site Preparation
  • Camp Preparation
  • Transportation of Heavy Machines, Equipments, Oil Products and more...
Petroleum Oil Field Services
Refinery Installation

We have the capability of installing petroleum oil refineries with all its production facilities and processing units to refine crude oil into naphta, gasoline, diesel feul, asphalt, heating oil, kerosene, jet fuel and more...
Oil Trading and Transportation

We have the procedural knowledge of oil trading and its products marketing. We also transport Crude Oil and Oil products.

Pipeline Construction

We have the ability to construct and install oil pipelines from oil fields to storage tanks and all the work will adhere to international standards. We supply pipelines as well.

Oil Storage Tank Design and Construction

Design and Construction of Oil Storage tanks of different sizes.

Oil Products Supply

We supply petroleum oil products (naphta, gasoline, diesel feul, asphalt, heating oil, kerosene, etc...) for various purposes.

Well Field Site and Camp Preparation

We are proud to announce that we have a successful experience in working with major oil companies in areas of:

  • Providing heavy and light machinaries and equipment
  • Field site preparation for drilling at the specified time.
  • Camp preparation (OPF)
We have an extensive experience in construction (Buildings, Roads, Sewege System and Pipeline construction).
We are a registered company at the ministry of natural resources (MNR), our company registration number is 00700.
We have pledged to do our work in a way to show our capabilities.
HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)
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